Guest Information

Hollywood Hills Hotel simplifies your arrival with online self-check-in, available via a link sent 48 hours before your stay. Just upload your ID photo, a selfie, and a $250 security deposit (refundable at checkout). Purchase optional parking and early check-in through the same link. Receive your digital key, a QR code, via text and email right before check-in time, allowing for hassle-free room access. Enjoy our on-site amenities including pool access and stay connected with complimentary Wi-Fi. For any needs or housekeeping requests, we’re just a message away on (323) 999-1539.

Online Self Check-In & Assistance

  • Contact us anytime at (323) 999-1539 for support.
  • Check-in link sent 48 hours before arrival.
  • Requires ID photo, selfie, and $250 security deposit.
  • Complete check-in by 4 PM on arrival day.
  • Early check-in/parking available for purchase on link.
  • Room assignment and QR code key provided before check-in time.
  • Arrive anytime after receiving QR code key.
  • Check-in: 4 PM / Early Check-In: 1 PM
  • Check-Out: 11 AM / Late Check-Out: 1 PM

Check-In / Check-Out Times

  • Standard Check-In: 4:00 PM
  • Early Check-In: Available from 1:00 PM (subject to a $45 fee and availability)
  • Standard Check-Out: 11:00 AM
  • Late Check-Out: Extendable to 1:00 PM (subject to a $45 fee and availability)

If you did not purchase late check out but require more time in your room past 11 AM, please request your late check out via text to (323) 999-1539.

Directions to Hotel & Gate Code

Hollywood Hills Hotel – 1999 N Sycamore Ave  – Los Angeles, CA 90068.  

(323) 999-1539


We are on the same property as Yamashiro Restaurant. Find our gate to the immediate left just as you enter the Yamashiro property. Do not proceed to their valet. Look for a tan metal gate with a keypad. 


Hotel Map


IF YOU WILL REQUIRE PARKING you may purchase on our online check-in link for $35 per night and park anywhere labeled “Hotel Guest Parking” on the property. Street parking is not available, and any unauthorized vehicle will be towed. 

Digital Room Key

Once your online check-in is complete your key and room number will be sent just prior to check-in time. Your Digital Room Key is a QR code which is sent as a link via text and email. You will also receive a PIN code which allows access to your room.


1. Have your QR code ready

2. Press “Touch Here” on panel

3. Lights on sensor will turn on

4. Hold QR 1 inch from sensor

5. On beep, push handle down

6. Share QR with your fellow guest

Your QR code link is always retrievable via the initial text/email or by saving a screenshot to your device.


1. Press and hold the “Card” icon on the door panel

2. A numerical key pad will light up

2. Enter the PIN code provided followed by the “#” symbol

3. Upon beep turn the handle to open the door

4. You may use this PIN code for the duration of your stay

If door does not open, push handle up then down to reset.

Text/Call (323) 999-1539 anytime for assistance

WIFI Access

Network: HHH Guest 

Password: wokeupinthehills! 

Pool Access

Pool Entrance is located on the 4th floor of the West Building.


  • Pool hours are from 9 AM – 9 PM
  • No glassware by the pool


We offer a complimentary refresh of your room on every third day of your stay.  You may request items such as towels, linens, and other amenities anytime by contacting us by text or call on (323) 999-1539.


We offer Hulu + Live TV, Disney+ (No Ads), and ESPN

You may also log in to your own account (Netflix, YouTube etc.) on smart apps. You are responsible for logging out of your accounts before checkout.

Deliveries and Packages

We are unable to accept packages. You may have packages delivered directly to your room or when you are available to receive them in person at the gate.

Hollywood Hills Hotel – 1999 N Sycamore Ave – Lower Entrnc – Los Angeles, CA 90068
Gate Code: 0627
*Include your room number

House Rules

Upon check in a $250 security deposit/incidentals hold will be placed on your card and is released when you check out.

The following are prohibited, and any costs incurred with be deducted from the deposit:

  • Interior damage
  • Unauthorized late check out
  • Smoking in room
  • Loud noise or disturbance to other guests
  • Extra cleaning or excessive staining of linens
  • Breaking maximum occupancy
  • Missing items

Age Requirement & Additional Guest

If you are unable to enter your room after hours, please contact us on (323) 999-1539  and we will provide a PIN number to enter your room.


If you are unable to enter your room after hours, please contact us on (323) 999-1539 and we will provide a PIN number to enter your room.  


Guests are responsible for their own trash. Trash bins are located by the front gate.

Office Hours

9 AM – 12 AM

(323) 999-1539